Inexpensive Ways to Show Your Friends You Care For International Friendship Day

June 22, 2018 | By Louis Tully

They say that walking with a friend on a bad day is better than walking alone on a good one. Nothing will have a more positive impact on your life than the friends you keep. And though we may take our friends for granted at times, they’re always there keeping us grounded, happy and loved.Of course, friendships come and go as we journey on through life and that’s okay. The important thing is to hold on to those in your life who’ve stuck by you since the beginning. When things start to fall apart, your friends are the ones who can help put it all back together. This International Friendship Day, use these inexpensive ideas to remind your friends that you still care:

Listen to their rants

When life spurs up something unexpected (good or bad), we have to tell somebody about it. Listen to your friend’s rants, even if you’re not interested. You might not be able to offer any words for them, but just being a good listener is where it really counts. Usually, they’re not looking for your advice anyway, just someone to hear them out.

Tell them you care

Tell your friend you care about them. Even though they may know you care already, actually saying so is necessary sometimes. It’s comforting to hear and they’ll appreciate you so much more for saying it.

Show them some appreciation

It’s not hard to give an occasional compliment. Though it may not seem like it, showing your friend that you appreciate them through compliments hits home in a very deep way. Even a simple, “thank you” can go a long way!

Be there for them

Friends are always there for each other. If you want to show your friend you care, be there for them. Even if that means you have to drop everything you’re doing to go see them. Just being available to talk on the phone is good enough too.

Keep in touch

Speaking of phones, never forget to keep in touch. Sending a text, giving them a call or even recording a quick voice message is enough to make your friend’s day. It’s a small way to let your friends know you care.

Encourage them when things get tough

Be a ray of sunshine during their gloomy days. If they’ve recently needed auto title loans to help them through a hardship, reach out to them and let them know you’re rooting for them. That’s what friendship is all about.