Keep Your Green By Having a St. Patrick's Day Party on a Budget

From office spaces to storefronts, everything is just a little bit greener on St. Patrick's Day, so why not your wallet? St. Patty's Day celebrations and supplies might be a million-dollar industry, but you don't need to spend a pot of gold to let out your inner-Leprechaun this year. Here are some simple and smart tips for saving some extra green this St. Patrick's Day.

Set a Realistic Budget

You might want to get the party started already, but sitting down with your friend and planning the festivities can help you save big over throwing together a last-minute St. Patrick's Day. You want to have a clear idea of what you're willing and able to spend before you start. Avoid going into the red on a day that's all about green by using apps like Mint to track your spending.

Give yourself a realistic game-plan for your festivities, and a specific amount to work with. This can help you determine whether or not you need a little boost to make it all come together. Perhaps picking up some extra hours or having a garage sale on National Old Stuff Day can help you raise funds for your fun this St. Patrick's Day.

Treat Credit Like Debit

There are lots of ways to minimize your expenses when it comes to any celebration, but budgeting has to be among the most important. Withdraw money from your bank account for party-planning purposes to avoid over-spending. If you do need to rely on a card, try to use a debit card or at least a credit card with a low interest rate.

Using cards tends to make us lose touch with our finances. Setting your budget aside in cash ahead of time and splitting it up into spending categories can help you plan your expenses and see where you can save or even where you can afford to spend a little more. This can also help you spot gaps in your finances well in advance so you can decide if getting a title loan could help you cover your expenses before late fees and penalties get the best of you.

Skip the Bar

St. Patrick's Day bar prices might cost you more money than you expect. If you have room to accommodate you and your friends, why not get together and pool your resources to have a great night in instead?

You might also want to move your celebration to the weekend after to take advantage of the post-St. Patrick's Day sales and give your party an extra something without overspending. With a little planning, you and your merry band of lassies and leprechauns can live it up this St. Patrick's Day and celebrate while saving a little green.

Make it BYOB

Let your guests drink what they want by making your St. Patrick's Day a BYOB event. This gives you more variety because you end up with a wide variety of beverages to please every palette, you don't have to worry about to choosing the perfect drink for the evening, and most importantly, it spares you the expense of supplying drinks for all your guests.

Add a little green food coloring and use green solo cups for your beverages to add a little extra St. Patrick's Day charm to your evening. This not only makes the fun cheaper but also safer than meeting up at a bar and driving home with a buzz. At home, you'll have space to crash, water and coffee to recover, and snacks available without worrying about the menu price.

Plan a Potluck

St. Patrick's Day is about more than just rainbows, shamrocks, and green beer. There are lots of inexpensive Irish meals that can add a little bit of authentic flavor and culture to your St. Patty's festivities.

Prepare a traditional Irish dish and invite your guests to do the same to make it a St. Patrick's Day Potluck to remember. Your friends can prepare an Irish meal of their own, or simply bring a favorite dish of their own to lighten your load when it comes to the menu this March.

Save on Supplies

Saving on your supplies by shopping at discount or budget stores can help you rake in big savings this St. Patrick's Day. Set the stage for a festive St. Patrick's Day with holiday-themed balloons, streamers and party favors for less with a trip to Dollar Tree or Party City.

Shopping the day after might even help you save extra on next year's St. Patty décor. The less you spend on supplies you only use once a year, the more you have left over to spend on the big day itself.

Wear Green

Wearing green is a simple way to celebrate this St. Patrick's Day, and you don't have to go out and buy a new outfit to have a good time. Just a little something green should keep the Leprechaun pinches at bay!

Chances are you have some article of clothing or accessory that will be a hit at your sham-rockin' shindig, but If you really want to buy something special to wear this year, thrift stores are a great place to find kitschy one-of-a-kind treasures, and you can't beat those bargain prices.