cheap things to do in Albuquerque, NM

Unusual And Cheap Things To Do In Albuquerque, NM

Some people exploring the great Southwest don’t like treading down the beaten path. To that effect, today is your lucky day! Today we are going to talk about unusual and cheap things to do in Albuquerque NM so that you can make sure that your tour of Albuquerque stays quirky!

Here are a few hidden gems that you can add to your list of cheap things to do in Albuquerque NM.

Visit The Grave Of Walter White And Have A Steak

The first item on our list of cheap things to do in Albuquerque NM is a novelty for ‘Breaking Bad’ fans. On October 19, 2013, a mock funeral was held at Albuquerque’s Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery and a headstone for ‘Walter White’ was placed in the cemetery.

Complaints were lodged about the fictional burial and the very real headstone, however, so the stone was relocated just outside of Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steakhouse in Los Ranchos village. It’s only about seven miles from downtown so if you are a fan, be sure to get your picture!

American International Rattlesnake Museum

Another gem when it comes to cheap things to do in Albuquerque NM is the American International Rattlesnake Museum. Not only can you see 34 species of rattlesnake here, but it’s also got rattlesnake art! If you are a fan of the ‘Wild West’ then this is a cheap, unusual must-see!

Pueblo Montano Chainsaw Sculpture Garden

Third on our list of unusual and cheap things to do in Albuquerque NM is the Pueblo Montano Chainsaw Sculpture Garden. After a fire in 2003 on the Paseo del Bosque trail, a New Mexico firefighter named Mark Chavez decided he would turn tragedy into beauty… oddly enough, with a chainsaw.

The husks of trees that remained were transformed into a stunning display of sculptures that capture the feel of the Southwest. Be sure not to miss this one.

Take A Ride On The Musical Highway

When it comes to cheap things to do in Albuquerque NM it doesn’t get much cheaper than this. The Musical Highway is a section of Route 66 that has a rumble-strip installed and if you drive across it at exactly 45 miles per hour then you will hear it play ‘America the Beautiful’ for you.

The effect is so surprising that some drivers even exit, turn around, and do it all over again!

See Unusual Art At The Tinkertown Museum

Another of the little-known cheap things to do in Albuquerque NM is to visit the Tinkertown Museum. Here you can see collections of things like Wild-West dioramas, fortune-telling machines, bullet pencils, and more… all housed within walls composed of 50,000 glass bottles and peppered with quirky quotes. It’s definitely not dull and you’ll be happy that you visited.

Take Your Picture With Faux Fossils

Our last entry on cheap things to do in Albuquerque NM is the Calabacillas Arroyo. It’s a giant art installation composed of the artful arrangement of fake fossils. Not just dinosaurs, mind you. This installation is meant to be a macro timeline of New Mexico, so you’ll go from dinosaurs to pottery as you walk along and gaze in wonder. If you like unique art installations then this is definitely one to see.


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