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In A Holiday Gift Pinch? Here Are 10 Easy Gift Ideas

Look, we get it – coming up with what to buy each person on your gift-giving list can be hard. Harder if you’ve been giving gifts for years now and it feels like you’ve been through all possible options several times over now.

The easiest way to deal with this is, of course, just asking what they’d like to get. But if you're dealing with the type of person that keeps insisting whatever you get them will be fine, you’ll have to do the heavy lifting. Here are some of our favorite classic gift ideas for the holidays including how you can secure emergency money through car title loans if you find yourself facing an emergency.

10 Quick and Easy Gift Ideas To Finish Your Holiday Shopping

1. A Scarf

A beautiful warm scarf won’t leave anyone unsatisfied. How could it? It’s both a beautiful and the most useful accessory during this time of the year. Try to keep in mind the taste of the person you’re shopping for – are they the type to enjoy ugly Christmas-themed things? Or would they prefer something elegant? Shop accordingly and your gift will be a hit.

2. High-Quality Sweet

Expensive sweets tend to be an indulgence not many people afford themselves to spend the money on. If your friend or relative has a sweet tooth but would never spend too much money on sweets thinking it to be frivolous – you can do it for them. They might scold you a little but trust me – it’ll make them happy.

3. A Scented Candle

If they’re the type to enjoy scented candles – problem solved! The good thing about this one is that it always burns through, so one could always use another.

4. Quality Coffee or Tea

Choose according to their preference. Again, this is something that one can hardly ever have too much of, considering how quickly we get through them. So, get a big pack of their favorite and you’re set. Want to take it a step further? Get a pack of quality matcha if they’re a lover. Or cocoa, since it’s the traditional holiday drink.

5. A Skincare Set

If the loved one in question is a lady, you could always get them a skincare set. Even if they’re a type that never uses decorative make-up, they will still find the skincare set to be useful.

6. A Makeup Set

If they do use decorative makeup, then this type of set may work better. And plenty of giftsets with both makeup and skincare tend to pop up during holidays. Do a little Googling and you’ll find the one that works best in no time!

7. The Latest Bestseller

Is your friend an avid reader? Then get them the latest hot book on the market. They’ll appreciate the thought even if they don’t like the book.

8. A Mug

A tad basic – but always useful. Especially during the season when most everyone consumes an excessive number of hot drinks.

9. A Bottle of Alcohol

This one’s a classic for a reason. Who doesn’t indulge in a glass or two around the holidays? Make sure to get the one they love and you’re all set.

10. An Amazon Gift Card

It might seem a little impersonal, but a gift card is a gift most people will enjoy. It’s the most bulletproof option without being literally bulletproof. It allows the recipient to get the exact thing they want!

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