Advice For Getting A Replacement Car Title In New Mexico

There are a variety of situations where you may need to look into getting a replacement car title in New Mexico. On this page, we will let you know pretty much everything you need to know to get that replacement car title. Hopefully, this information will make getting that new title a little bit easier for you.

When You Need A Replacement Car Title In New Mexico

In New Mexico, you should get a replacement title as soon as one of the following happens:

  • Your vehicle title has been stolen.
  • You have lost the vehicle title.
  • You have damaged the vehicle title.

While you can live for a short while without the title, getting a replacement is necessary. Without a vehicle title, you don't really have proof of ownership of your vehicle. If you need emergency cash, you may also struggle to borrow without a vehicle title.

The process can take a short while, so the quicker you get your hands on a new title, the better.

The Form You Will Need

You will need the 'Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title'. This has the code MVD-10901. This can easily be found on the DMV website.

You can print this out in advance of heading to the local DMV.

Make sure that you fill out the form in BLOCK CAPITALS. It makes the application a lot easier to process, which means that you may get your new title quicker.

Got Liens On Your Title?

Do bear in mind that if you have any outstanding liens on your vehicle's title, you may run into a few issues.

Unless you have a lien release form attached to your application, the replacement car title will be sent to the lien holder. Therefore, you will need to contact the lien holder to find out what to do. This is normally the case if you have outstanding financing on your vehicle.

The Documents You Need To Get a Replacement Car Title

You don't really need a whole lot of information to get a replacement vehicle title. You will need the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Vehicle registration
  • VIN
  • License plate number

If you have liens that you want to remove, then you will need the lien release documents. If you are looking to get a replacement car title on behalf of somebody else, then they will need to provide you with power of attorney. This process is a little bit more complicated, and we won't dive into it here. The DMV will be able to run you through the process.

woman gathering documents for a title loan

You are able to provide photocopies of these documents if you are applying via mail but take the originals to the DMV if you are planning on doing things in person.

How You Can Request a Replacement Car Title

There are two ways that you can get a replacement car title. Both will cost you $5, so make sure that you make a check out to 'Motor Vehicle Division' before you submit your application.

The quickest method is to head to your local DMV. Obviously, you will have to queue, but if you have any issues with the application, there will be somebody to help you out.

The second option is to mail in your application, as well as photocopies of your needed documents. Again, don't forget to include that check! You can send the mail to:

Motor Vehicle Division

P.O. Box 1028

Santa Fe, NM 87504

If you mail the application in, things may take a few weeks to process.

Did You Know You Can Borrow Cash Against a Car Title In New Mexico?

One of the benefits of having a replacement vehicle title is that you may be able to borrow cash against it in an emergency. Here at New Mexico Title Loans, Inc., you may be able to get a New Mexico car title loan between $300 and $10,000.

You will need to have a lien-free title for your vehicle. However, beyond this, the requirements are minimal. We welcome inquiries from people in all credit situations, and there are no income requirements. We don't even have checking account requirements, with alternative ways to allow you to borrow the cash, if need be.

The amount that you can borrow will be based on the value of your vehicle, which will be determined by a vehicle inspection during the process. This will be the third step after letting us know that you are interested in a title loan, as well as a quick phone call from us.

A car title loan in New Mexico is an option for those that need to borrow cash quickly. The entire inquiry process can take as little as 30 minutes, with loan cash often arriving the same or the very next business day.

Got Your Replacement Title? You Can Borrow Emergency Cash Today

If you are looking into getting a replacement car title in New Mexico, then you will be pleased to know that the process is fairly quick...even though you will have to deal with the DMV. Once you have your replacement vehicle title, you may be able to get a New Mexico car title loan in an emergency. Borrow cash today with New Mexico Title Loans, Inc.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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