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Need Help with Pet Bills? Here’s How to Pay Today!

Having a pet can be an expensive experience, and at some point, you may need help with pet bills. In the average year, a dog costs an average pet owner between $500 and $1,000. Owning a cat comes with over $600 in annual costs.

The first year of pet ownership is usually the most expensive, running about $1,500 to $2,000 in costs relating to early required medical care such as having your pet spayed or neutered ($200-$800), bedding and crates ($200), toys, food, and more.

Food alone is a major expense. The annual cost of food for a small to large dog ranges from $200 to $600 and $200 to $300 for a cat. Grooming recurring medical costs regularly begin at $500 a year. It’s no wonder then that many must look for help with pet bills or find alternative ways to pay a pet bill. Here are some of the approaches that can help you cover the cost of a wide variety of pet bills.

Here’s How To Get Help With Pet Bills

1. Get Pet Insurance

Veterinary care is essential to keeping a pet healthy, especially recurring yearly exams, vaccines, and other forms of care. Depending on the size of your pet and its general medical condition, veterinary care can require you to find new ways to pay a pet bill.

Pet insurance is a popular way to go and on average runs about $224 a year for dogs and about $175 for cats. It’s not required for medical care in the same way that human health insurance often is.

But what it can do is offer major help with pet bills. Insurance can save you thousands in veterinary bills, especially if your pet needs to undergo major treatments or surgeries.

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2. Look For Community Help

Chances are that your town has either a community service program related to pets or a pet food pantry that can be one of the most effective ways to get help with pet bills related to food. The organization Feeding Pets of the Homeless offers a resource map for those looking for assistance.

The Shelter Pet Project is among many organizations that have received grants to provide pet-related community services. Those looking for ways to pay pet bill after pet bill, especially those related to housing and food and can look for local assistance at

3. Ask About Discounted Veterinary Services

If your city is home to a veterinary college, they may have some programs specifically designed to help with pet bills and find different ways to pay pet bill accumulations. Simply call your veterinarian and see if there are some options to cover emergency treatments and other forms of care.

Most veterinarians are open to negotiating a payment plan, especially if you are a longtime client, to cover a bill with monthly or weekly payments. In addition, a possible way to cut your bill would be to either get a second opinion from a different vet or use a veterinarian who works in a less expensive area. They may charge less for services.

4. Look For Breed-Specific Help Or Charitable Funds

Numerous rescue and animal groups offer help with pet bills related to specific breeds. Some examples include the groups CorgiAid, Labrador Life Line, and WestiMed.

Many national organizations will help you with ways to pay pet bills that you may have never considered. Many have their own set of guidelines and rules to see if you qualify for assistance via charitable funds and grants.

Some of the most prominent include the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, Help-a-Pet, and the Handicapped Pet Foundation.

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