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6 Subtle Household Changes To Save Money

We all know that sinking feeling when an unexpected expense pops up and there just isn’t enough in savings to cover it. It’s time to start planning for these expenses by padding that savings account. Make these subtle changes around the house to save more and take on unexpected expenses without a flinch. We’ll also cover how you can secure up to $10,000 through New Mexico Title Loans.

6 Easy Ways to Save Money

1. Keep Track of Every Penny

Challenge yourself to track your spending for at least two weeks. Take a good look at your spending habits. At the end of the two weeks, group your purchases based on necessity. Ask yourself, “Do I really need that iced coffee every morning? And I know it’s super easy to order in every night, but don’t I have all those groceries wasting away in the fridge?” Seeing everything in black and white can make it a whole lot easier to face reality. Now that you see how much you’re wasting on frivolous things, you can start saving.

2. Make a Budget and Stick With It

Tracking your spending shows you where you're spending it going so now it’s time to fix your spending. Start with the bare necessities, like housing expenses, car-related expenses, groceries, and other monthly bills. These shouldn’t change much from month to month and are the most important.

Once you’ve added all the “have-to” pay things up, subtract that from your income. Take what’s left and break it down into saving and spending. Set limits for things like dining out, travel, and nights out on the town. Once you set your budget, stick to it. When your bills are paid, out as much of the remaining cash as you can into your savings. Use the rest for the budget you have set for yourself.

3. Cut Back on Services

Take a look at your bills. See where you can cut corners or simply downgraded on some services to save some money each month. Think about your current cell phone plan. Are you using enough internet to warrant unlimited gigs of data? You can ask your provider to tell you how many gigs you use each month. If they have a plan for 5 gigs of full speed and you’re using an average of 3 gigs a month, drop down from the unlimited plan and save a few bucks.

Do the same thing with your insurance plans, television provider, and internet service. Look at the less expensive plans and find out if they will still work for you.

4. Cook at Home

Restaurants are much more expensive than buying and making your own food. Make dining out or ordering take out a special treat and get in the habit of eating at home. Consider planning your meals and cooking ahead. Pre-pack breakfasts and lunch, it’s healthier and more cost-effective. Meal-prep for dinners on the weekend so you can grab from the fridge or freezer for easy weeknights.

5. Make a Shopping List

Stop going to the store hungry and empty-handed. Plan out your meals, jot down a list, and buy only what you need at the grocery store. Going to the store without a list is a recipe for wasting money and food. Take the time to plan your meals. It makes shopping more efficient and less stressful. Find what works for you. Create a weekly menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Buy what you need at the store, not what your hungry eyes are telling you to buy.

6. Reduce Your Energy Bill

Look for ways to cut back on your energy costs. It may seem simple, but a little adds up over time. Turn off the lights, adjust your air when you aren’t home, and take shorter showers. Every bit of energy saved leads to lower costs and more money in the bank.

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