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How To Avoid Holiday Debt Next Year

Holidays are a joyous time – and in our joy sometimes we forget to pay attention to how much we spend. If you have a habit of going into debt to fund your holiday activities, then make no mistake – you’re not alone. But since smart money management is a hot trend right now, more and more people are starting to be more purposeful during the holidays and avoid debt.

If you want to try going this holiday season debt-free, here are some of our favorites tried and true tips on how to do just that. We’ll also cover how you can secure emergency money to handle any unprecedented event that comes your way through title loans, New Mexico.

1. Budget

Control over your money starts with a budget. Namely, check how much money you actually have on hand and budget according to it, instead of just spending cash on whatever you want.

Break down all the purchases and activities for the holidays into three categories: the “musts” (like gifts for family members), the “worth its” (things that make holidays worth it to you), the “wants” (would be nice but not as important as “worth its”) – and allocate money according to priority. And always leave a little wiggle room – unexpected expenses are a thing during holidays.

2. Make a List

Be purposeful about your money. Make a list of gifts and activities you’ll be spending money on (the money that is already in the budget) and stick to it. And if you really want something, there should be room for small, unexpected expenses in the budget. As for the big ones – put it on the list for the next year. Going into debt for it is just not worth it.

3. Don’t Fall for Sales

Nothing makes it easier to break the budget than a tag that promises a 70% sale. We’ve been programmed to see sales as money savers. If we do not get something on that kind of discount – then we’re wasting money, really. When will we get another chance like that? The truth is that’s still 30% you’ll be paying. So, unless the item in question is on your list – or can act as a substitute for another one – you shouldn’t buy it just because it’s cheap.

4. Start a Sinking Fund

To avoid being in a pinch for the next holiday season – start a sinking fund. A sinking fund is a way to save money by putting some aside each month. Break the future budget down and put some away each pay period. This way your future holidays will be fully funded when they’ll roll around and you’ll be able to budget more freely (and yes, budget is always a must, no matter how much money you have).

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What If You Need Quick Cash?

Car Title Loans Can Help!

If you have no money at all and need some cash for the holidays, then car title loans might be an optimal choice for a quick and easy solution for cash. Car title loans are short-term secured loan that allows you to leverage the value of your title in order to obtain emergency money when you’re in a pinch.

What Are The Benefits Of Title Loans Near Me

Title loans are quick – so quick that you can finish the application process and be approved in as little as 30 minutes' time if your documents are in order. Furthermore, if you start your application process early enough in the day, you could receive your money on the same day that you complete your application!

Title loans are also easy – since they’re a secured type of loan with borrower’s vehicles acting as collateral, we are able to accommodate all types of credit scores. Whereas traditional loans obtained through the bank are often largely dependent on the borrower’s credit score, we don’t take your credit score into consideration. We welcome and approve all types of credit – good, bad, and nonexistent!

Ready to acquire your car title loan today? Let’s break down the process below!

How You Can Be Approved For A Title Loan Today!

First of all, there are a few requirements that you’ll need to satisfy, which are reflected in the paperwork and content you’ll be asked to provide during your application. Those requirements are:

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age
  • Your title must be lien-free and in your name
  • You must be able to supply your title, driver’s license, and the car for inspection

Now that you know what sort of documentation and paperwork you’ll be asked to provide, here’s what the process looks like:

  1. You’ll be asked to fill out and submit a short form found on the homepage of our homepage.
  2. Submitting it will allow a representative to contact you to schedule a meeting to have your car inspected.
  3. You’ll meet with the representative, who will inspect your car. The condition of your car or vehicle will determine how much money you’ll receive on your loan.
  4. You’ll fill out some basic paperwork and the money will be issued to you!

Some seem to believe that taking out a title loan means leaving your car with the lender. This is a misconception – the lender only gets your car title, the vehicle itself stays with you. Now that you know what the process looks like and how to avoid some holiday debt, you’re prepared to handle the holiday season – are any emergency – like a pro. So, go ahead and bookmark our homepage. Make yourself ready to apply for a title loan near me whenever you need one.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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