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8 Signs You Have Learned How To Be Good With Money

You don’t have to be a millionaire or a Wall Street expert to know how to be good with money. “Money smarts” isn’t about how much you make, but how you manage what you have. And the good news is that you’re probably managing your money better than you think.

Here are eight signs you have learned how to be good with money. It can help you spot your strengths – and give yourself a pat on the back – and identify areas you can work on. Everyone can learn how to be good with money — you just need a little reminder now and then.

8 Signs You Know You Are Good With Money

1. You Know How Much You Really Earn

This is your total take-home pay, after taxes and other deductions. That sounds really simple, but it’s the basis of any accurate household accounting; financial security starts with living within your means.

If you have variable income — for example, you have part-time or freelancing jobs where work is seasonal — err on the side of caution. Base your budget on the assumption that it will be a slow or average month.

2. You Stick To A Budget

You have the sense and the discipline to control your expenses. You allocate for the most important expenses like rent, food, and bills before splurging on that online sale.

3. You Reward Yourself Within Reason

Having a budget doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying your money. Your budget includes a little something for yourself – because all work and no reward eventually leads to burnout. However, you plan your rewards. So you buy something you really want rather than impulse purchases you eventually regret.

4. You Have A Savings Plan

You know saving is a way of paying your future self. You’ve made sure your savings accounts are all set up. You have money for unexpected expenses, important personal goals, or even your retirement.

5. You Keep Track Of What You Spend

You don’t rely on your memory to keep track of your expenses, because you’ve learned that those cups of coffee or late-night cab fares can add up. You write down every single thing you spend on in an app or notebook.

If you go over budget – because that can happen sometimes, even with people who know how to be good with money – you know exactly why.

6. You Never Forget Your Payments

“You mean that bill was due today?” says the people who don’t know how to be good with money. Forgetting payment schedules can lead to fines, affect your credit history, and stress you out as you scramble to send the money as soon as possible.

But you never go through that because you have a fool-proof system for keeping track of all due dates. You set up notifications or set up some kind of an automatic withdrawal from your bank account. Not only are you on top of your bills, but you’re also improving your credit score.

7. You Plan For Big Purchases

Yes, you can enjoy the good life even if you’re not earning a six-figure salary. It’s all about planning and learning how to scrimp in some areas or push yourself to earn extra income, so you can get what you really want.

So if you know how to be good with money, you can afford that European vacation, save for a down payment for a home, or even plan for early retirement.

8. You Have A Back-up Plan

Even if you know how to be good with money, it’s still possible to go through a financial crisis from no fault of your own. Unexpected medical bills or being furloughed during the pandemic can rattle anyone.

There’s no shame or blame in going through a financial crisis. Stay calm and look for solutions. If your savings can’t cover the urgent expense, you can apply for auto title loans to help you out in the short term.


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How Do I Apply For Auto Title Loans?

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Get Auto Title Loans for Emergencies

It is important you take the time to appreciate the positive changes you’ve made. These signs prove you’ve learned how to be good with money and are on your way to financial stability. And if you do run into any financial emergencies, you can turn to auto title loans in New Mexico. Fill out our online form or give us a call at 800-514-2274 to get started.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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