goals for new year that stick

How To Make Goals For The New Year That Stick

Making goals for the incoming year is something we all do. The problem is we don’t always know how to make goals for the new year that actually stick. We usually end up losing interest come February or March. But making goals you can actually achieve isn’t difficult. Here are some tips to make those new year’s goals that you can actually stick with.

How To Make Goals For The New Year You Can Achieve

1. Start Small

When it comes to how to make goals for the new year, it's important to dream big — as the saying goes, "shoot for the moon, and if you fail, you'll fall amongst the stars." However, don't let your ambitious mind lead you astray and make your goal unattainable. Instead, set small goals that eventually lead to you achieving the big dream.

For instance, if you want to start a new physical activity, don't make a New Year resolution stating you wish to begin doing it five days a week. Opt for one or two times a week, so your body can adjust. Then, build up to five days over the coming months.

2. Don't Get Carried Away

Currently, you may have a long list of goals for the New Year. That's great in principle, but to give yourself the best chance of success, you should pick one and focus all your energy on it. Spreading yourself too thin only maximizes your chances of losing motivation and sight of your bigger aim.

Taking on a lot at once is daunting, especially if you're trying to break years-long habits like quitting smoking and beginning a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to how to make goals for the new year, just pick one and focus on it.

3. Remember Change Takes Time

Your unhealthy or unwanted habits probably took years upon years to develop. Therefore, it's unrealistic to expect them to change in a few months – even if you want to learn how to make goals for the new year. To make your New Year's resolutions stick, you need to be patient and trust the process.

It might take longer than you originally planned or wanted it to take, but remember, it's not a race. No one gets first place for achieving their resolution first. As soon as you've committed, it could be a lifelong process, depending on the behavioral process you're altering.

4. Replenish Your Motivation

You'll likely feel highly motivated to achieve your goal at the beginning of January. It's usually because you haven't faced any hardship trying to reach it yet. But once you've dealt with the implications of heading to the gym on a cold Wednesday morning or suffering through the bad moods ad splitting headaches of nicotine withdrawals, you may notice your motivation decreasing.

During such moments, you need to replenish that motivation and high spirit by reminding yourself why you set the resolution in the first place. To really succeed with how to make goals for the new year, write a list of everything that'll improve once you've achieved your goal. It gives inspiration during the more challenging times.

5. Create A Detailed Plan

Try not to fall into the trap of choosing your resolutions at the last minute when it comes to how to make goals for the new year. Instead, put extensive planning into it — after all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Without a detailed plan, you'll find it far too easy to give up when faced with resistance or setbacks.

6. Celebrate All The Small Wins

Don't wait until you've achieved the large goal to call yourself a winner. Celebrate every small step you take. Whether it's reading yourself with your favorite film after running a 5K or chatting with people in an online support group while quitting smoking, the celebration of small steps is key when learning how to make goals for the new year.

7. Stay Positive

Making changes is difficult but focusing on the negative is a sure-fire way to feel discouraged. Believe in yourself and your goal and constantly remind yourself of the positive impacts achieving it will bring. This positive mindset will make it simple while learning how to make goals for the new year.


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Make Goals You’ll Actually Achieve This Year

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