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New Mexico Vacation Spots For Single Travelers

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment, and there are many ways it lives up to its nickname. Visitors instantly become immersed in the state’s unique landscapes, art scene, unforgettable culture, and signature architecture. It is a state unlike any other.

And it’s a state that’s perfect for a solo traveler. Here are just a few of the best New Mexico vacation spots if you’re thinking of going alone.

What To Do In New Mexico When Traveling Solo

Explore Albuquerque

What makes Albuquerque one of the best New Mexico vacation spots? For one, there’s its natural beauty, especially when it’s taken in by hiking the foothills of Sandia Mountain or when you are high in the air on one of the city’s world-famous hot air balloon rides.

Single travelers can also experience the city’s ever-growing brew scene at more than 40 unique taprooms and breweries (just don’t do it all at once). Or at Big Jim Farms you can pick and roast your own green chiles, an Albuquerque specialty. And that’s just scratching the Albuquerque surface.

Get Artsy in Santa Fe

Laidback, historic, and artsy, Santa Fe is one of the perfect low-key New Mexico vacation spots. It’s very walkable, especially checking out the shops and galleries on Canyon Road and the Guadalupe Historic District.

Art lovers won’t want to miss the former home and studio of legendary artist Georgia O’Keeffe or the numerous galleries out in nearby Taos.

Start things off, though, in Santa Fe Plaza, which dates to the city’s 1610 founding and includes such historic sites as the Palace of the Governors and San Miguel Chapel (the Plaza is just a mile east of Canyon Road).

The Plaza also boasts award-winning restaurants and some great accommodations for solo travelers, including offbeat motels, fancy hotels, and affordable B&Bs.

Tour The National Parks

New Mexico is home to over a dozen national parks and national monuments, with perhaps the most famous (and visited) being Carlsbad Caverns. Its 119 caves under the Chihuahua Desert are majestic and breathtaking, but above ground is just as intriguing, with flowering cactus, rocky canyons, and monumental sea ledges.

But that’s not all. New Mexico’s prehistoric Native American cultures are preserved in the ruins of Chaco Culture National Historic Park, Bandelier National Monument, and Aztec Ruins National Monument, where you can investigate a Pueblo Great House that’s 900 years old.


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Stop In Las Cruces

Las Cruces is a vibe. Some of that vibe is from it being the home of New Mexico State University, so expect many dive bars. But it’s so much more than a college town. It’s a good place for an overnight stay if you’re headed to White Sands, one of the most otherworldly spots in the United States, full of white-sand dunes.

You’ll have some good places to choose from with an overnight still, ranging from artist warehouses to tiny homes if you go the Airbnb route.

While in Las Cruces, check out the craft beer scene at the High Desert Brewing Company or El Patio, a historic bar with a full schedule of live music.

And Then Relax In Truth Or Consequences

Yes, one of the most unique New Mexico vacation spots is named Truth or Consequences, and it has some of the best hot springs on the Rio Grande.

But don’t expect hoity-toity spa-like hot springs in this small town (even though it was once named Hot Springs). There are a few small springs in town in old-school hotels and stand-alone hot mineral water spas that are charming and no-nonsense (there are about 10 commercial baths).

The little downtown also adds to the charm, with shopping and low-key bars and restaurants.  

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