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What To Do When You Have Transmission Failure

If you notice the signs of transmission failure in your vehicle, you need to pull over immediately and have your car taken to a mechanic. Driving with a failing transmission is dangerous to yourself and others. You should also know some of the signs and sounds that you can expect when your transmission is failing.

What To Know About Handling Transmission Failure In Your Car

What To Do When Your Car Transmission Fails

Has your car stopped moving completely? Or maybe it still moves, but it does not accelerate the way that it used to? If so, this is probably the result of a transmission failure. If your car has been displaying some of the signs and symptoms of transmission failure and now will not even work when it is parked, you can be almost sure that your transmission is dead. You will need to get it towed to your local auto shop immediately.

If you are driving and you find that the car has suddenly stopped accelerating, you should put your hazard lights on so you can pull over and call for assistance immediately. The only thing that you can do when your transmission fails is to replace the whole transmission system. This is both expensive and inconvenient. However, it is important for keeping your car operational. It is also important for keeping you and other people safe on the road.

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Signs Of Transmission Failure

It is important to see the early warning signs of transmission failure. But while you are on the phone with your mechanic explaining your situation to them, it is also helpful if you can diagnose a transmission failure yourself when it has already happened. This will make things a lot easier for both you and your mechanic. These are some of the most common signs of a transmission failure that you can recognize.

1. Overheating

If your transmission is overheating, this is one of the most common signs that there is something wrong with it and the transmission has failed. Do you smell burning transmission fluid? Is there heat coming from your car’s dashboard area?

Transmissions usually overheat when there is a low level of transmission fluid, or old transmission fluid that does not flow properly through the transmission system. In either case, this fails to cool down the transmission and properly lubricate it, which causes the transmission to overheat. If you are leaking transmission fluid, this is another reason why your transmission system might be overheating. This can quickly lead to transmission failure.

If you take your car to a mechanic, they can determine why your car is overheating and diagnose any transmission issues that you have. They will also be able to see if there are any other issues in the car that are causing your transmission to fail.

2. Chugging And Jolting When Shifting

Is your car not shifting properly? Is your car jolting or chugging while you shift gears? This could be a big sign that your transmission is failing or has already failed. Your car should not be jumping forward every time you shift gears. Other problems that you might see are if you hear odd grinding noise when you try to shift gears, or if the car just does not shift gears at all.

This is dangerous and if this happens, you should pull over as soon as you safely can. When your transmission system is giving you problems like this, this is creating a dangerous situation for you and everyone else on the road.

3. Trouble Accelerating

The power in your car comes from your transmission system, and this is what powers the wheels. Without a working transmission system, you will not be able to accelerate. If your car simply refuses to accelerate, this is a sure sign that your transmission system is on its last legs. If the car does not move at all, you can be sure your transmission is failing.

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