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Spooktacular Ways To Save Money This Halloween And Budget Holidays Funds

Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays. It’s universally considered to be one of the most fun nights a year, generally associated with candy, horror, and crazy antics. It can make you forget to budget holidays.

Because Halloween costumes, candy, and general entertainment can get expensive, most money-conscious people budget holidays funds well in advance so they do not go into a money hole.

But Halloween doesn’t need to be as expensive as many people make it out to be. There are plenty of ways to save money and budget holidays effectively while having fun – and we don’t mean just skipping extravagant decorations.

Have A Great Holiday Without Breaking The Bank

1. Buy A Discount Or Used Costume

One of the most effective ways to save money on Halloween is to skip out on expensive costumes. But if you’re not a DIY person and still want to look cool – we’ve got news for you. There are plenty of ways to find a discount on slightly used costumes!

You can swap costumes with a friend, or get one at a discount online. Halloweencostumes.com is a good place to start – they’re one of the largest costume sellers and always have plenty of deals going on, right up to Halloween.

2. Repurpose (Or Thrift For) Decorations

Many have already cottoned onto this, but still bears mentioning – not spending on new decorations is one of the best ways to save money while you’re trying to figure out the whole budget holidays thing.

Just use the decorations from last year. Or, if you didn’t have the foresight to keep them, go thrifting or visit a dollar store for some cheap – but sturdy – Halloween merchandise that will last you for years.

3. Browse For Steals And Deals

Holidays, especially big ones like Halloween, always have some sales and deals going on. Start with large online sellers like Amazon and eBay, but don’t forget to check out local stores in your area either. You might stumble upon a deal that will significantly cut down on your holiday spending.

4. Buy Candy In Bulk

Costco or Dollar Store are likely going to be your best bets, especially if you skip name brands. Usually, name-brand candy is more expensive, so it is a good idea if you just opt for the off-brand versions instead – which are just as good as the more expensive candy.

Unless you get a good deal on name-brand candy at the Dollar Store or Amazon. You’ll need to stock up on candy several days earlier at least, anyway, so why not keep an eye out and compare prices before you do.

5. Hold A Scary Potluck

Instead of going out and spending money on Haunted Houses or other Halloween attractions, just stay inside and have a scary movie marathon with your friends. And if each friend brings a dish to enjoy for the night, you can turn it into a haunted potluck.

6. Have A BYOB Rule For The Party

Alcohol is not a requirement to have fun. But most people will expect it if you invite them over for a party – even if the party in question is a movie marathon. To cut down on costs, have your guests bring their own alcohol. Don’t forget to mention that there will be candy and snacks though. And of course, mention that there will be non-alcoholic drinks.

7. Groupon For Attractions If You Must Go Out

One of the most effective ways to save money on Halloween entertainment is to use Groupon. If you’re adamantly against having a night in, gather up your friends and find Groupon deals. Halloween night usually offers multiple Haunted House ticket deals, as well as other attractions all across the country – so just find one you like the most and go right ahead.


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What To Do If Your Holiday Spending Got Out Of Hand

If your budget holidays project wasn’t really a success and you still busted your budget, despite trying all the ways to save money, the post-holiday period might get a little rough.

Re-adjust your budget to make sure most of the money is going to essential expenses. If there’s not enough cash to cover mandatory expenses, try to get cash together by taking on a side-hustle, working extra shifts/overtime, or ask for a salary advance if your employer offers one.

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Protect Your Budget While Enjoying Your Holidays

There is no reason why you should either have a broken budget or suffer through a boring holiday. You can budget holidays while still enjoying them. Remember these tips when you begin planning out your holiday parties. And if your holiday spending doesn’t allow for emergency expenses, get a title loan online for help. Fill out the online form now to get started.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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